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25.07.2017 17:00 Alter: 2 Jahr(e)

Freedom of education in Bulgaria is under very serious threat

Support the Bulgarian homeschool community by signing this petition

The freedom of education in Bulgaria is under very serious threat.  The Council of Ministers of the Republic of Bulgaria published resolution (see the translation of it in the attachment), launching an open, institutionally coordinated action with the purpose to locate, enroll, and retain all children in the public education system. This is a real threat against the homeschool community in Bulgaria, therefore we plead for a large-scale support on your part.

The Bulgarian Homeschooling Association started a petition against the government resolution, which we kindly ask you to support with your signatures.

As the Austrian homeschooling organization, we hereby show our solidarity with the Bulgarian homeschoolers and support the petition.

Thank you for your support!

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